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Checkliste für Beitragseinreichungen

Als Teil des Einreichungsverfahren werden die Autor/innen gebeten, anhand der Checkliste für Beiträge die Übereinstimmung ihres Beitrags Punkt für Punkt mit den angegebenen Vorgaben abzugleichen. Beiträge können an Autor/innen, die die Richtlinien nicht befolgen, zurückgegeben werden.
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Richtlinien für Autor/innen

CPE allows authors to hold copyright without restrictions. Submitted manuscripts must be written in either English or German. An English language abstract of max. 200 words has to be provided. Upon submitting to Culture, Practice & Europeanization authors are expected to have cleared all permissions and copyright conflicts. CPE accepts several types of submissions, that is, research articles, book reviews, speeches, interviews, and notes.  They are treated the same way as to double blind peer review. All submissions must cont

  • A cover letter to the editors indicating which section the submission targets,
  • A separate title page identifying the author(s), including any acknowledgements,
  • An anonymized manuscript including abstract, keywords, main text & references; appendices; tables and figures.

Please submit your manuscript to

The manuscript

The length of the manuscript conforms to the following: CPE accepts manuscripts upon being submitted in our standardized form. Please download one of the following templates for formatting your text. Please do not add any information. CPE will not publish author biographies, academic titles or addenda.

Research articles: Full papers should range from 5000 to 10,000 words including all figures, tables, appendixes, and references. The abstract should not exceed 200 words.

Book reviews: The usual length should not exceed 1000 words.

Speeches: The usual length should not exceed 5000 words. References should be provided and may be added to the original text.

Notes: Extended abstracts or notes on ongoing research (incl. conference memos) range from 500 to 4000 words.

Editorials (for guest editors): Editorials should provide an overview of the issue in question. Editorials should not exceed 3000 words.


Citing and referencing should adhere to the examples in the template or follow the instructions from below.

Please leave one empty line between the references and three empty lines between the text body and the reference list.

Do not capitalize titles from articles and books. Only journal titles and collective volume titles can be capitalised.

Text requirements

Authors must ensure that their work is complete, grammatically correct and without spelling or typographical errors.

The manuscript is electronically submitted in Microsoft Word.

Paper format is A4 with 3cm margins on top and bottom, and 2cm margins left and right.

The normal text body is set in Calibri, 12pt, single spaced, full justification and without additional spaces before or after paragraphs.

The abstract text body is set as the normal text body with a line distance of 1,15.

Please use double quotation marks, except where "a quotation is ‘within’ a quotation". Set longer quotes in italics, with 1,0 cm indent left and additional space 5pt before and after the quote.

Emphasis can be added using italics. There should not be bold or underlined text.

Manuscripts may not include footnotes or endnotes. Footnotes and endnotes will be omitted from the publication.

Biographical notes are not required and will not be published.


Headings are consequently numbered using Arabic numerals.

There are only three levels of headings.

Headings are to be formatted for all levels in Calibri, 12pt, bold.

Please do not capitalize headings.

Tables and Figures

Tables and figures are to be placed in the text body.

Tables and figures titles shall be written in italics, Calibri, 12pt. Leave one empty line before.

The source should be formatted in Calibri, 10pt. One empty line has to be between the source and the following text body.

Title, name and institution

The article title, the author’s name and the author’s institution are centered.

The title is in Calibri, 28pt, not bold.

Author’s name and email address are written in italic. Name in Calibri, 12pt, email address in Calibri, 11pt.

Institution name and country are set in Calibri, 12pt.

Referencing and citing instructions

Please use italics for monograph, collective volume, journal titles and article titles in working papers.

Do not capitalise titles except for collective volume, journal, and newspaper titles.

If there is more than one author use "&" between the names.

If there are more than two authors use "," between the first names and "&" between the last two names.

Citing in the text body: (Surname, Year, page-page)

Monograph: Surname, Forenames first letter. (Year). Title. Publishing place: Publisher.

Collective volume: Surname, Forenames first letter. (Year). Title. In Forenames first letter. Surname (Ed.), Title (page-page). Publishing place: Publisher.

Journal article: Surname, Forenames first letter. (Year). Title. Journal, volume(issue), page-page.

Working paper and similar formats: Surname, Forenames first letter. (Year). Title (institution Working Paper No. xx).

Newspaper article: Surname, Forenames first letter. (Year, Month Day). Title. Newspaper, volume.



Schutz personenbezogener Daten

Namen und E-Mail-Adressen, die auf den Webseiten der Zeitschrift eingegeben werden, werden ausschließlich zu den angegebenen Zwecken verwendet und nicht an Dritte weitergegeben.