Call for Papers: What Makes a Job Good or Bad? Standards of Good Work Revisited

Guest Editors:
Dorothea Alewell, University of Hamburg (Germany)
Simon Fietze, University of Southern Denmark
Wenzel Matiaske, Helmut-Schmidt-University/University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg (Germany)

Seminar at the IUC Dubrovnik (April 3-7, 2018) & Special Issue

Standards of good work – in economics, law, sociology and industrial psychology – are rooted in ideas of protecting labour against exploitation and alienation. Certainly, these basic ideas have not lost their importance. However, organisations as socio-technological systems have radically changed during the last decades, which entails the need for revision of the implications formulated in the 1960s. The front against Taylorism and the bureaucratic phenomenon will prove fruitless in times of the flexible organisation and subsequently flexible women and men.
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Table of Contents: management revue - Socio-Economic Studies - Vol. 28, No. 3 (Digital Working Life)

3rd Issue 2017
management revue - Socio-Economic Studies, Volume 28
Special Issue "Digital Working Life"
Guest Editors: Mikael Ottosson, Wenzel Matiaske, Simon Fietze
Mikael Ottosson, Wenzel Matiaske, Simon Fietze
Jan Johansson, Lena Abrahamsson, Birgitta Bergvall Kåreborn, Ylva Fältholm, Camilla Grane, Agnieszka Wykowska
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Table of Contents: management revue - Socio-Economic Studies - Special Edition: Human Resources, Labour Relations and Organizations. A European Perspective

Special Edition
management revue - Socio-Economic Studies
Human Resources, Labour Relations and Organizations - A European Perspective

For a quarter of a century, the management revue has been a medium of research in administration science and management studies. First and foremost, the journal publishes works by authors who investigate the institutional particularities of management and organisations in a European context. The emergence of this prioritisation does not come as a surprise, as the socio-economic perspective of the management revue suggests that this research topic is embedded in specific temporal and spatial social contexts. The assortment of contributions made to this edition, which provides insights into the spectrum of research published in the management revue, aims to illustrate this prioritisation in the fields of human resource management, labour relations and theory formation.

With contributions by
Wolfgang Mayrhofer and Chris Brewster; Paul Boselie; Erik Poutsma, Paul E.M. Ligthart and Roel Schouteten; Ingo Singe and Richard Croucher; Walther Müller-Jentsch; Stefan Kirchner; Dudo von Eckardstein and Stefan Konlechner; Wenzel Matiaske; Jörg Freiling; Werner Nienhüser; Kirsten Foss and Nicolai J. Foss

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Table of Contents: management revue - Socio-Economic Studies - Vol. 28, No. 2 (Open Issue)

2nd Issue 2017
Management Revue - Socio-Economic Studies, Volume 28
Open Issue
Gerd Grözinger, Marlene Langholz-Kaiser & Doreen Richter
Mareike Adler & Anna K. Koch
Stefan Gröschl & Patricia Gabaldon
Albert Martin & Wenzel Matiaske
Wenzel Matiaske
Søren Voxted
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